September 30, 2020 woodenpanda

Personal Branding: A Fresh Haircut For Your Life’s Journey

Have you ever wondered why you feel so much more confident the first few days after a fresh haircut? Materially speaking, a nice haircut doesn’t make you a different person, nor does it make you more qualified for anything. At best, it’s a cosmetic change. And yet it’s borderline shocking how much of a difference it can make. There’s power in knowing that you’re stepping out into the world with your best feet forward. 

Now think about your personal brand as an extension of a good haircut. It can’t change who you are, nor can it alter what you’ve accomplished, but it can certainly accentuate the best of both, allowing you to venture forth with confidence. To a world that doesn’t know you, you’re only as valuable as you present yourself. Investing in your personal brand raises that value for years to come.

So, What’s Keeping You From The Salon or Barbershop? 

Regrettably, there are a few common misconceptions about personal branding that keep people from allocating the time and resources to get theirs up to snuff. Ironically, the concept of personal branding needs a rebrand. For as much as people think about it in terms of glamourizing their lives, the best ambassadors of their own brand sidestep this pitfall by doubling down on authenticity instead. They tell their story without oversharing or hyperbole, focusing instead on the underpinning truth and lessons they wish to put out into the universe.

To look at it another way, simply being alive on this planet is a miracle. Even when you account for all the people who have ever lived, and all the people who are yet to be born, you are the only person who will ever experience the specific set of challenges, triumphs, and emotions that comprise your individual journey. When you think about it like that, it’s almost a crime not to highlight the amazing qualities and features that make you so unique. To not do so is to hide your face behind a wild mane of hair that leaves you unkempt and unrecognizable for the remainder of your life.


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