The Intangible X Factor That Makes The World Pop.

Enliven The World Around You

When conceptualizing their narratives, authors and film directors dedicate so much time to world building and set design, because they want the audiences who inhabit their fictional worlds to feel a desire to live there forever.

Regardless of whether you work in business, politics, or advocacy, your goal should be largely the same. You want the people you work with (clients, voters, investors, etc.) to feel at home in the space you’re asking them to enter. You want them to feel so cozy they never want to leave. Therein lies the need for creativity.

Creativity is the ineffable element that humanizes your work. It brings abstract documents, like financial statements, to life. It makes speeches targeted at thousands feel directed specifically towards you. It makes the intangible problem outlined in a business plan feel relatable. It fosters empathy, passion, and human connection, and it does all of this while being the backbone of products and experiences that are appealing to all five senses.

Whenever we champion the best the creative community has to offer, the physical world we interact with gets one step closer to resembling the magical universes authors and directors work so hard to create. It’s perhaps my life’s greatest pleasure that I get to contribute consistently to nudging the world in this direction.


The Missing Link

Marketing executives spend millions of dollars on market research and focus groups to try to determine why certain things — brands, messages, experiences, etc. — resonate and others don’t. Time and time again, my experiences in the worlds of politics and entrepreneurship have taught me that the gap almost always lies in creativity. Choosing a creative strategy wisely and empowering yourself with the right resources is the primary difference between fumbling the ball and throwing a touchdown.

Conquer Your Constraints

Necessity is not only the mother of all invention, it’s invention’s entire support system, too.

There’s a common misconception that creativity is purely a right-brained endeavour, but any music composer, graphic designer, or Fortune 500 CEO will tell you differently. Creativity and logic are two sides of the same coin. They’re both opportunities to solve problems that seem intractable, whether that means inventing an original way to convey an old message, or a transformative innovation that changes the way these messages are delivered altogether. As a creative, I’m at my personal best when I get the opportunity to marry both.

“My Creativity is Unforgiving – A Relentless Pursuit”


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